Miami is a growing tech hub
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When you think of Miami, probably comes to your mind the image of a place of huge beach tourism, warm weather and a wide variety of nightlife. Today, the largest city and economic center of Florida is trying to move into another segment with innovative marketing strategies, Miami plans to become a thriving center for technological innovation by leveraging the enormous advantage that it has as the gateway to Latin America and attract entrepreneurs with economic life costs and sources of job opportunities with great tax advantages. After examining the combination of factors such as technological trends, the rapid growth of mobile devices in Latin America and the strong industry awareness in the healthcare, Miami is looking for success stories trying to become a technology center. In previous years, concentrated its financial fortunes in real estate, although now the city startups seeking access to capital funds of which there is a shortage but there are college graduates with innovative ideas that provide ambitious and entrepreneurial proposals. Supporting this cause, the School District of Miami-Dade County recently extended Wi-Fi for all its schools and offers free Wi-Fi to children whose families can not afford it. Nowadays, Miami has local entrepreneurs who make an effort to diversify the technology industry, for example, open online schools of English language or training centers of technology. In April 2014, Microsoft announced the opening of its first center for technological innovation based in the United States in the new downtown entrepreneurial training center and startup, Venture Hive. "It is a great destination in and of itself, and then add that it is a gateway to Latin America," said Vice President of Microsoft, Sanket Akerkar, adding that public and private universities in the region are partnering with the new institutions Microsoft. Miami has a long road ahead before it can be considered a center for mid-level technology, however, it has made great achievements like attract about $ 14.93 million in capital into 2014 according to the National Venture Capital Association, an amount which ranks to the pair of Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Columbus. We can ensure with such factors like international and diverse population, high concentration of wealth, quality of life and closeness to Latin America are big and flattering advantages that has Miami and all in conjunction will foster that the cherished dream will be achieved successfully.

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