Doral is the New Little Venezuela
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It's hard to believe, but there is quite a landscape to explore in the western part of Miami, Florida known as Doral. Its popular nickname Doralzuela now is due to the large and wealthy Venezuelan community that lives in Doral. Wealthy Venezuelans started moving to Doral in the year 2000, now the number of Venezuelans in Miami has increased considerably since the election of Hugo Chavez in 1999, when many people left their place of origin voluntarily or fled, looking for a better life.

Nationally, the Venezuelan-American population is about 250,000 people, according to surveys conducted by the United States Census Bureau from 2012, around 117,000 Venezuelans live in Florida. Indeed, the number of Venezuelans in the U.S. has doubled and many of them are hoarding politic aspects to influence America’s foreign policy toward their home country in a favorable way. This group of Venezuelans concentrate on the outskirts of Miami, where, through their influence, have recreated a small Venezuela in their attempt to find the American dream big and ambitious aspirations. Most people who are already there, have lived in the area for more than five years.

Venezuelan community has influenced South Florida’s economy of import and export of commercial goods to the real estate market. This growing community is a strong player in the development of new businesses and international trade. Thanks to the impact that Venezuelans have made in the City of Doral, now there are Venezuelan restaurants, art galleries and freight forward businesses that can be found all around the city which generates an amazing Venezuelan experience with original features of the region.

There is a very important part in the culinary contribution, the food is excellent, authentic and it begin to revolutionize in the southern city where exist many businesses that offer Venezuelan food on every corner, for example in the heart of Doral, we find The Arepazo 2, an establishment of traditional food from the South American country that many have dubbed the "Venezuelan Versailles" the place is very nice with regional products, music and service with a Venezuelan touch. Recently in this restaurant you can see a lot of foreigners and Americans, all restaurant visitors who come to discuss the current political situation of the country or just to try the Venezuelan delicacies and get closer to the cultural understanding.

As we know, in the past many media outlets in Venezuela they were closed by political conflicts. Today thousands of talented people looking for better life opportunities decide to move to Doral. Venezuelan influence is concentrated in the cultural aspect, with many artists, singers and dancers featured. Lots of aspects of Venezuelan culture make Doral a place with a great commercial growth, with a rich mix of cultures and traditions key for this flowering city.

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