An Incredible Opportunity in Midtown Doral
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Right in the heart of Miami we can find the modern residential area of Doral, in this beautiful area outstands the new residential luxury complex of Midtown Doral. This icon of innovative living, has four buildings with apartments of 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms; these apartments have the latest on design, technology and comfort. Most of these beautiful apartments are sold already, but there are some little treasures of one bedroom left for the lucky ones, such as single people or young couples with no kids. Keep reading to discover more about this incredible opportunity. In Midtown Doral the residents can find unique benefits, perfect to fit their expectations on comfort and luxury. The four buildings of the residential will be surrounded by plazas, with exclusive boutiques, cafés and restaurants; also, this residential buildings will have beautiful gardens and open-air amphitheaters. If that is not enough all the residents will have access to the exclusive Club House with massage rooms, pool and upscale restaurant. The design and fine details of each one of the 509 apartments are not less incredible, all the apartments have spacious private terraces, panoramic view, fine details and a sophisticated smart system called “Midtown Doral Experience”, an app that allows the residents to control the temperature, lighting and even 24/7 access to the apartment. In the fourth building of Midtown Doral, we can find beautiful apartments of one bedroom with the same luxury, design and technology that the bigger apartments have, at an incredible price. This apartments of one bedroom have an approximate cost of $229,900.00 and have an area that goes from 641 to 726 sq. Ft., with an aproximate cost of $344.00 by sq. Ft.. This is an incredible low price taking into consideration all the benefits of living in Midtown Doral. This apartments of 1 bedroom come in three models of distribution, we have the model F,G and H. The model F is located on the lateral ends of the building, it has a large master bedroom with a master bathroom, a spacious living room, kitchen, hall and guest bathroom. This apartment has a private terrace of 73 sq. Ft., where the residents can enjoy a beautiful panoramic view. This apartment has a total area of 668 sq. Ft. The model G has an spacious private terrace of 83 sq. Ft. that gives a beautiful frame to the living room and the kitchen. This apartment also has a spacious master bedroom with a master bathroom and a guest bathroom next to the entry hall of the apartment. This apartment has a total area of 726 sq. Ft, this beautiful apartment is the largest one, with bigger rooms framed with a spectacular terrace. The model of apartment H has a total area of 641 sq. Ft. , despite of being the smallest apartment, it has an excellent distribution. It has an spacious master bedroom with a master bathroom, living room, kitchen, hall and a guest bathroom. The private terrace has an area of 83 sq. Ft.. These luxury apartments come with many benefits for their residents, such as: large master bedrooms, large walk-in closets, floor-to-ceiling impact-resistant sliding-glass doors, European cabinetry; premium built-in stainless steel appliances, imported designer porcelain tile floors, premium European-style master bathroom, energy-efficient central heating and air conditioning, 24-hour concierge with valet service, advanced smart-building wiring technology and ultra-high-speed Internet. Don’t miss the amazing opportunity to buy one of these luxury apartments located in the heart of Miami. The square footage cost of these apartments is $344.00 approximately, in other areas of Miami such as Coral Gables, the luxury apartments of one bedroom have an approximately cost of $480.00 sq. Ft. , this price is larger than the price of the apartments of Midtown Doral. That’s only the comparison of the square footage; the buyers must take into consideration that this other apartments don’t have all the benefits, luxury and technology that this residential complex offers. Don’t miss the chance of buying an apartment in Midtown Doral, where living is a privilege.

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